It’s summer all year round in sunny old Singapore, but June is probably the warmest month of all. When the humid weather hits, we gladly trade our sweaters for tank tops, swap our boots for sandals, and strip the heavy comforter off your bed.

One more thing you may want to change: your skincare routine. While it’s definitely the season to be all about fun in the sun, sunscreen isn’t the only thing that you should be adding into your skincare routine. Temperature and sun exposure play a role in how skin behaves from season to season. The scorching heat is definitely going to take a toll on your skin, so take a step before the damage is done with our ultimate summer skin care guide:1. Clean up your cleansing act.

Cleansing is probably something that you’re already doing on a regular basis, but clean skin during the humid months is extremely important. With the heat, skin gets oilier and becomes more exposed to harmful environmental pollutants, especially the sun. Regardless of your skin type, a harsh cleanser that sucks the life out of your skin just won’t cut it. It’d only cause your skin in producing more oil to try to fix the damage created from washing with a dry, irritating cleanser.

UNT Aqua Nettoyant contains 23% of amino acids to power the most hydrating wash there is! It offers superb cleansing powder with its fine, foaming micro beads that goes into every pore to scour leaving your face feeling clean and smooth, with no tautness. Its hydrating advantage comes from amino acids — making it able to enhance skin’s water retention while cleansing thoroughly.

$18.90 (was $22), VIIMART.COM (use code “GSS” at checkout to enjoy further 20% off storewide)2. Sprinkle in some exfoliation sessions to your skincare routine.

Sloughing off the top, dead layer of skin may reveal a brighter complexion instantly, but it can also make your skin more sensitive to the sun. If you tend to sweat or get shiny pretty often, you should still exfoliate since dead skin mixed with sweat and sebum is a recipe for clogged pores. The key thing to note here is moderation — just stick to once or twice a week and use a gentle scrub with smooth particles.

UNT Exfoliant has changed the whole exfoliation game with its light, refreshing gel that buffs off aged skin cells and dirt to enhance natural skin renewal. Unlike conventional rough, grain-based scrubs, it uses bio-enzymes to gently remove dead skin layers, improving rough surfaces and prevents pore clogged, restoring a bright, soft and refined texture.

$19.90 (was $22), (use code “GSS” at checkout to enjoy further 20% off storewide)3. Tone trouble spots.

Forget those harsh, skin-stripping astringents of the past that relied mainly on alcohol to dry skin. Today’s toners use a gentler approach, turning to natural ingredients and essential nutrients that work as natural astringents while also hydrating and soothing skin. Post-cleansing, swipe a toner-soaked cotton sheet over oil-prone areas like your t-zone.

UNT Aqua D’Origine Replenish boasts of a non-irritating and allergen-free formula, which is ideal for even the most sensitive skins. Through its exclusive hydra-locking mechanism, it delivers abundant amount of moisture throughout all skin layers, enabling thirsty skin to regain its smooth, fine-textured and healthy appearance.

$24.90 (was $28), (use code “GSS” at checkout to enjoy further 20% off storewide)4. Give your rich creams a rest.

During sundress season, a rich moisturizer is like a fleece blanket — you just don’t need it. The thought of slopping a load of creams and potions on your face before heading out into the blazing summer heat is just off-putting. Skin requires heavyweight hydration during drier seasons because the air is so dry. But in humid conditions, you can get away with just a lightweight gel moisturizer.

UNT Aqua Oasis is an oil-free, hydrating gel that forms an invisible veil over skin for an optimal thirst-quenching effect, leaving skin rejuvenated. The moisture boosting components penetrate deeply into the skin layers to recover damages caused by dehydrating, providing constant hydration recharge for long-lasting moisture retention ability.

$37.90 (was $42), (use code “GSS” at checkout to enjoy further 20% off storewide)5. Sunscreen is a must.

Sunscreen application shouldn’t just be relegated for the pool or beach areas. Wear sunscreen daily — even if you’re just driving or running errands. Sun exposure increases in the warmer months, and it requires extra diligence when it comes to sun protection. Opt for one that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays, and it should be at least SPF 30 or higher to ensure sufficient sun prevention.

UNT UV Total SPF 50 ★★★★ turns sun protection up a notch! This one-of-a-kind facial sunscreen creates an invisible wall against UVA and UVB rays instantly whilst fighting against photo-aging like none other. With added benefits of rich-antioxidants, you can finally face the sun without worry. Oil-free and water-resistant, it provides all skin types with maximum comfort.

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