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Lancôme’s Revolutionary Skin Care Available in Singapore

Experience luxury skin care at its best with decadent products from this heritage brand. Lancôme really is the epitome of French designer skin care with a reputation for developing unique products that consistently redefine expectations about what specialist formulas are capable of. Lancôme is a company that has been around since the birth of the modern beauty industry, established as a fragrance company in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, the brand released its first skin care product a year later. Today the brand is a household name in Singapore and around the world, known for its peerless products that provide unique solutions to a whole host of beauty concerns.

Over the years, Lancôme has produced a number of skin care products that have gone on to achieve cult status including their Visionnaire Range with the unique ingredient LR 2412 which refines the texture of the skin in the way that no other product has managed to date. The brand offers product solutions that are tailored to specific skin types, tones, and ages. The specialist attention paid to particular complexion concerns such as colour irregularities, fine lines, and visible pores has resulted in numerous specialist products that effectively target and eliminate these issues.

Our online selection includes numerous ranges from this fantastic brand including the Renergie and Genifique lines. All of these extraordinary products are available to ship throughout Singapore. For more information on any of the other international brands we stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 65 6425 5522. 

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